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My name is Ori Cohen. I am 29 years old and I am a character modeler. I fell in love with low poly character modeling and Art 5 years ago. I have been teaching myself and learning as much as i can about Art. Digital Art has led me to start drawing lessons, you can check my cgtalk blog to see how  the learning journey . I am passionate about learning how to better myself.

I am currently studying for my Masters (M.Sc) degree in Computer Science, finishing my thesis in Artificial Intelligence. i hope to continue studying and get a Phd.

I offer the full spectrum of contract art development services to intellectual property owners, developers, and publishers. I have extensive experience making Art of many different types. My technical proficiency focuses on PC development using the latest technologies and tools. Below is a simple summary of the services I’ve performed:

+ 2D/3D Production Art
+ Game Design
+ Rapid Prototyping
+ Concept Art
+ Coloring Comic Covers

Model, unwrap, texture, rig and animate ingame or CG characters, model/texture ingame or CG environments.
Good knowledge and apprehension of volumes, able to follow guidelines and concepts done by other people, can concept if needed. In depth practice of high-end real time techniques such as normal mapping and understanding of the needs of realtime shaders.

Software skills:
*Autodesk Mudbox : Good Knowledge of the software regarding highpoly modeling for normal mapping.
*Adobe Photoshop : Fluent knowledge of the software, able to create textures for game models. portrait retouching, painting realistically, comic or any other style.
*Autodesk Maya : Fluent Knowledge of the software, good skills in modeling (low and high polygon), texturing (High polygon). Good knowledge of rigging and animating (low polygon and high polygon). Able to create Characters and environments though specialized in character creation.*Pixologic Zbrush : Knowledge of the software regarding highpoly modeling for normal mapping.
*Autodesk 3D Studio Max : Fluent knowledge of the software, modeling and animating for low polygon models.

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painting, sculpting, drawing, playing videogames, cinema, reading, photography, fantasy movies & tv series.