Book Credits! my RTS Pack published in “Game Programming with Silverlight”

i was very happy to find out a few months back that someone is using my RTS pack for a silverlight book named “game programming with silverlight“. this morning i was utterly surprised to see that not only did i make it into the book, but my Stone Man and rts advertisement are on the front and cover, i would like to thank the author Mike Snow for that.

one of the things mike did was to take the RTS pack which is a 3D pack in its essence and generate sprite sheets out of it using a cool tool called SpriteWorks that allows you to generate sprites from 3D Models and their animation files. note that Silverlight does not yet support 3D models.

i would like to stress that this is a very cost effective way of getting many characters and animations. we all know that making 2D sprite art is a PITA. one other thing that people should know is that any biped animation for torque, whether it came from another pack, or the stock orc animations is usually compatible with all the characters that use a 3DS Max biped. this is realy is the quickest and painless choice for sprite animation. its not only forSilverlight, it will basically run on any 2D engine, whether flash, Torque 2D, iTorque etc..

you can see what mike did in his tutorial here

shameless plug! here is another version the ad  on the cover, you can see it in the small square and you can BUY it at the store: RTS pack

“Michael Snow has been a game developer for the past 20 years and has extensive experience in DirectX and multiplayer game programming. He has been a Microsoft employee for over 13 years and is currently a senior development Lead on the Silverlight Tools team. Michael has a Silverlight blog that can be found at”