New Game: Global Game Jam 2010 – Evil Pigeons

a few weeks back i participated in GGJ 2010, with a crew of four people (Alon, Omer, Shimon, and me) we created a game in less than 30 hours. the game has some 3D and 2D assets. can be downloaded from

Brief Play Description:

player 1, the evil pigeon master, controls 4 pigeons using number keys (1 to 4). He can also make deceiving maneuvers to confuse his opponent, using the shift key with a corresponding number key.
Player 2, a mad car owner, controls a deadly broom-rifle, with which he can shoot pigeons while they are airborne. The broom-rifle is controlled by the mouse.

The evil pigeons master tries to shit the car until it’s worthless, while the mad car owner tries to kill all pigeons. It a fight to the death!”